DJ Mighty Moves



I'll admit it. I love making mixtapes.

I like how putting certain songs together, in a certain order, in a certain way, can put people in a certain mood.

Moods are always changing. Sometimes you want to dance. Sometimes you want to groove. Sometimes you want to reminisce about the good ol' days. Sometimes you feel in the mood for Summer (or Summah as I call it). Sometimes you're in the mood for making love.

Whatever the mood, there's music to match it, to amplify it, and to make it that much better. Check out the mixes below & enjoy where they take you. And if you enjoy the journey they take you on, please pass them along to others that you think could use it just the same.




Edit Packs

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Monthly packs of edits for the DJs! Each month is a different genre or musical theme with intro/outro edits, Short Edits (SE), Quick Hits (QH), Redrums, and more. Feel free to play these, share them, and use them however you see fit. If you know other DJs that would like these edits, send their info and I'll add them to the mailing list. And if you have any requests for song edits or themes, email me and let me know. I'll try to get them into the next batch!

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